The company "Zahid   Euroservice" is the official distributor and importer of the Turkish brand "Korkmaz" and the Polish brand "Curver"

Household products Polish brand "Curver" have contemporary design, style and functionality. The  goods brand of «Curver» allow conveniently and aesthetically to organize space in your home. To  make the interior of the house perfectly organized, it should combine reliability with unique design. Therefore all products “Curver” are made of high quality materials.

Our assortment includes the following products  of “Curver”:

-  Containers for rubbish;

- Baskets and boxes Home Style line for the organization of space;

- Laundry basket;

- Chests and boxes for children;

- Plastic tableware, food containers;

- Tool Boxes;

 - Goods Series Pet Life: containers for food, pet carrying.


Since 1972, the company Korkmaz has been manufacturing kitchen utensils. The company develops its production according to the high-tech future every day. Company Korkmaz always operates according to international quality systems of production as ISO 9001 and CE quality control.

The range “Korkmaz” includes cookware (casseroles, frying pans, kitchen utensils), cutlery, thermoses and thermomug, dishes for coffee and tea, etc.

Korkmaz   -  is a unique combination of advanced technology and stylish design.